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    Our company has been dealing with complex services for the subjects of international trade in goods. It is especially services of customs agency, i.e. customs operations in connection with import, export and transit of goods. In this field, our company has been concentrating above all on economic efficiency treatment since its birth.

    Since 2002 our company has been accepted by customs authorities as a bail for safeguarding the customs duties as a part of individual security using a certificate of guarantee, and thus safeguarding the customs duties has become a standard part of our offering ever since.

    Among our most prominent clients, as for the activity range, are such companies as worldwide concerns branches TYCO ELECTRONICS CZECH, Ltd., CELESTICA Rajecko and IMI INTERNATIONAL,Ltd. (Norgren), BERNEX BIMETALLIC, Ltd., ANDREW TELECOMMUNICATIONS, Ltd., and others.

    In respect to the entry of the Czech Republic into the European Union, our company has extended its services regarding intraunion trade in goods, and it refers especially to the following services:

    • realization of data reports on goods transit between the CR and the other EU countries (INTRASTAT)
    • consultancy in the field of VAT application at goods delivery to other EU countries and at cost of merchandise in other EU countries (INTRASTAT)

    Our company also provides logistic services in the sphere of ensuring processing operations in the CR for foreign entities that mainly consist of:

    • ensurance of transport of goods to the CR meant for implementation of processing operations
    • finding a suitable processor/executor on the territory of the CR and mediation of execution of processing operations
    • ensurance of storage of goods on the territory of the CR
    • ensurance of transport of processed goods back from the territory of the CR

    The target of our company is to meet our clients' needs in the field of customs services, customs consultancy and consultancy in the area of indirect taxes, with a special emphasis on long-term collaboration with clients and resolving their requirements by means of an individual approach. The evident means of how to achieve this target is a professional qualification of employees and a quality software

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    Our company has obtained Authorized Economic Operator certification on 23.10.2008.



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    tel: 548 183 105, 548 183 108